Ever despaired about the lack of real news or information in the mainstream media? BBC News has deteriorated of late,meanwhile a few other ideas;

Twitter currently the main route to information.Get it while it lasts.

Wikipedia still v.good.

The BBC website certainly still has volume and some good output Eg From Our Own correspondant or The Media Show.The Food Programme never going to recapture the Derek Cooper days but not bad sometimes.

Journalist Paul Mason (ex BBC )now appearing on Novara Media

David McWilliams ( v.good on economics and global perspectives.

Up to date articles on all sorts of issues, including peak oil, from a global prespective, on Countercurrents website

Tim Lang remains prominent on food security issues,several books and twitter output.

Chatham House panel published summary of work looking at UK Food Supply 2009.Despite their establishment image they don't appear complacent about serious food security and supply issues

The Organic Growers Alliance produces a quality mag for professional growers and a useful forum online (

Evil facebook hosts a UK Market Gardeners group.

Finally, see the weekly newsletter from Riverford Farm for horticultural commercial realities and up to date field news