Ever despaired about the lack of real news or information in the mainstream media?

Good daily mailing issued from the Soil Association, majoring on Food and Farming of course, but covering wider issues too. Subscribe here

The BBC website certainly has volume but any other suggestions for real news welcome.

Journalist Paul Mason (ex BBC, now Channel 4 )has a blog worth reading

Up to date articles on all sorts of issues, including peak oil, from a global prespective, on Countercurrents website

Also the Huffington Post for news with a (different) US perspective

Chatham House panel recently published summary of work so far looking at UK Food Supply. . Despite their establishment image they don't appear complacent about serious and imminent food security and supply issues

Finally, see the weekly newsletter from Riverford Farm for horticultural commercial realities and up to date field news

Glebelands Inquisition Team

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