We can provide consultancy/advice on food production and retailing.

While the word consultancy by now has unfortunate associations we mean expertise in our subject, available to outside enquirers.

If you are cash lite and worthy we’ll try and help as time permits, otherwise we are interested in work proposals.

Here are some pictures of the market garden which we helped start up at Coed Hills

Our specific areas of expertise:

Small Scale Growing/Market Gardening: rotational planning/appropriate machinery/plant raising/composting systems/irrigation referrals/crop planning templates/variety advice.

Food Retailing/Farmshops: fresh produce storage and presentation/store design/lighting/shelf design/refridgeration/pricing/marketing/sourcing

Small Scale Food Processing: bagging systems for dry foodstuffs/mixing of breakfast cereals and dry goods/HACCP+food safety/organic traceability.

Small Business General Advice: accounting systems/business plans/cashflow planning/appropriate HR systems and training/recruitment/finance sources.

for more information: contact@glebelandsmarketgarden.co.uk