The Glebelands-Unicorn Model: an article about Glebelands from Unicorn website

Unicorn's own website

Glebelands City Growers - new producers on Sale site

Growing - technical information

The Organic Growers Alliance website, complete with a forum for discussion around commercial horticulture, various technical articles and magazine, of interest to all growers, commercial and home

Vegetable growing information also available from from Garden Organic (formerly HDRA) Organic Vegetable Systems studies- case studies/weed control/machinery/varieties/etc

Technical information also on Soil Association site, including factsheets

The Rodale Institute in the US, the New Farm's inspiring site with a newletter and plenty of postitive info on organic farming in the US and worldwide

The National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA), also from the US, has loads of downloadable technical information

Although certainly not organic, the Irish Agriculture Development Authority has some useful info, and they have other useful factsheets too,

See the weekly newsletter from for horticultural commercial realities and up to date field news

For reference, anything by Joy Larkcom, especially Grow Your Own Vegetables (Frances Lincoln) - no glossy photos, just lots of invaluable advice on planning/sowing dates/harvesting/watering etc for a range of vegetables, all packed into one very reasonably priced paperback.

Also see Eliot Coleman: books, especially The New Organic Grower and theory on growing, freshness and eco-ness of it all.

It is important to keep referring back to the principles behind organic agriculture and horticulture - for example to forestall any attempts to "water down" standards or deal with potentially woolly ideas about substituting ill-defined words like "sustainable" for "organic". Albert Howard was one of the most important founders of the organic movement.

Newer Canadian chaps Jean Martin Foutier and Curtis Stone have led to a wave of younger growers.Their online output and books pretty good and both clear advocates of profitability.

Horticultural Supplies

LBS (Mail order catalogue). Huge range of equipment.

Agralan (mail order). Fleece/mesh.

Plant Nursery Delfland

Eco Issues

See the End of Suburbia (DVD) for some scary realism about oil (we're running out of it fast).

A positive documentary about a post oil future:,-the-:-how-cuba-survived-peak-oil (DVD)

Sustain - the Alliance for Better Food and Farming - website/reports/campaigns. See particularly their seminal report on oil and food, Eating Oil (books).”Collapse” despite unfortunate title seminal work.

"Empires of Food" Evan Fraser and Andrew Rimas. Taking up some Jared Diamond thinking but adding, concisely, a lot more history. Great on Fritz Harber(-Bosch), Rome and living off the family silver.

Food Security in Britain - a Soil Association report

Some writers and commentators:

Kevin Anderson(Tyndall Centre, Manchester). Climate change expert, even if lots of people don't want to hear what he has to say!

Colin Tudge (books/articles) on food and farming. Some articles from the New Statesman and The Guardian

Tim Lang (books/articles): Up to the minute stuff from the food industry globally, here he is on Twitter.

The Food Programme (Radio 4): Sometimes very on track, bring on the new Derick Cooper!

Travel - travel without planes (see

wwoof - work on organic farms and smallholdings in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities...(but don't go by plane...)

helpex - includes opportunities to volunteer on organic farms etc (but not by plane!)